Greene County Mobility Manager, Barbara Lindsay

"Working together, with all providers, for the solution to your transportation needs." 

Contact information- Phone: (518) 943-3625, Location: 311 West Bridge St., Catskill, NY 12414

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What is Mobility Management? 

As defined by the National Center for Mobility Management, it is "an approach to designing and delivering transportation services that starts and ends with the customer. It begins with a community vision in which the entire transportation network—public transit, private operators, cycling and walking, volunteer drivers, and others—works together with customers, planners, and stakeholders to deliver the transportation options that best meet the community's needs."

Some goals of mobility management are 

  • increased mobility for a larger number of community residents, especially those that may have transportation challenges including youth, people with disabilities, older people and people with low incomes. 
  • educating the public on all the transportation options available 
  • providing training assistance for individuals or groups using a transportation option for the first time
  • identifying unmet needs and collaborating for innovative solutions 
  • establishing a single point of access for information of all transportation options  
  • to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in delivering transportation services